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Foreclosure Defense​


Foreclosure is a legal proceeding by which a creditor that holds a lien on real property tries to force the repayment of a debt that is in default, by trying to obtain a judgment which ultimately has the effect of allowing the sale of the property in a foreclosure sale. Individuals who stopped making payments on their mortgage loans or home equity lines of credit, face the risk of being sued in court for foreclosure. Once the foreclosure complaint is served, the defendant has 20 days to respond. If no response, the creditor can obtain a judicial default and a default judgment, which accelerates the process. If the individual wishes to save the home, a loan modification can be negotiated. The creditor is represented by counsel in these cases. It is important that the debtor be represented by Counsel as well so that the best possible defenses are established and so that the best possible resolution is achieved. Our office has represented many homeowners during this difficult time. We are familiar with these cases and we will defend the case with the goal of achieving the best possible result for our client. If you would like to discuss your options please contact us at 561-544-0944. 

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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