Collections Defense

Collections Defense

There are times when creditors take the step to use the judicial system to collect a debt. If a debt remains unpaid an unresolved the creditor will file a collections lawsuit, typically in the county in which the debtor resides. The creditor will file a complaint with the court which needs to be served upon the defendant (the debtor). Once the defendant is served, the defendant needs to respond to the complaint. If the case is in small claims court in Florida, normally the Court would assign a date for a pre-trial conference hearing. If the defendant fails to respond to the complaint or fails to appear at the the pre-trial conference hearing, he/she risks getting a default judgment against him/her and accelerating the collections process. Once the creditor obtains a judgment, it can begin the process of enforcing the collection of such judgment. The creditor is represented by counsel in these cases. It is important that the debtor be represented by Counsel as well so that the best possible defenses be established and so that the best possible resolution be achieved. Our office is constantly contacted by clients who are getting sued and have been served. We are familiar with these cases and we will defend the case with the goal of achieving the best possible result for a client. If you would like to discuss your options please contact us at 561-544-0944.

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