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Naturalization is the procedure by which a foreign alien who is a legal permanent resident becomes citizen of the United States of America. To many this is a culmination of a very long process. In order to become a citizen of the United States of America the applicant must meet several eligibility requirements and must also pass an English and Civics History Test. Some applicants qualify for an exemption to the English requirement. Applicants with severe medical conditions may also qualify for a medical waiver of the testing requirement. It is very important to fully disclose everything required in the application and it is very important to meet all the requirements. Applicants with a criminal record must pay particular attention and determine their criminal history can impact the outcome of their application.

The goal is to get the application for Naturalization approved. If for some reason it is denied, the applicant has a very limited number of days to submit an appeal so that your application be reviewed again for possible reversal of the original denial and approval of the application. Time is of the essence and typically extensions of time are not granted, It is crucial to get proper representation to navigate the naturalization process, especially when the application presents challenging issues such as extended time outside the United States, criminal history or previous denials. Simple citizenship applications could be denied for simple mistakes if the person completing the application is not familiar with the process. We have handled many naturalization cases over the years and will work to get your case approved. Please contact us at 561-544-0944 to schedule a consultation.

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